What is The Conception Forum?

Davos, Meet Accelerator

Most business, investment and government leaders today recognize that climate instability, resource limits, growing inequality, and demographic change require new approaches to the management of risk and opportunity. The Conception Forum (TCF) is where executives, innovators and sustainability experts join to uncover and develop the opportunities for both positive impact and competitive advantage present in these pressing issues.

Although businesses are adapting to volatility and uncertainty as a way of life, innovative solutions to new challenges seldom come from within the organization alone. The unpredictability associated with these challenges is testing even the strongest organizations.

How does your organization meet these pressing challenges? Does your team or Board need an updated perspective or to learn new skills? Do you want to find company-specific solutions that can be implemented this year?

Membership in The Conception Forum will actively help your organization to address the challenges you face, and implement customized solutions over a nine-month timeframe.