Nancy Mancilla | MA, MPS, CSAP

ISOS Group, Founder

Nancy is intimately familiar with how investor reporting expectations have evolved over the past decade as head of #1 ESG reporting trainer in North America, and provider of services to corporate sustainability champions.

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SVT Group, CEO and Founder

Sara has been charting the profession of impact management and valuation with investors, companies and social sector organizations since 2001, having trained over 6000 in person and designed systems to account for the net benefits of over $9Bn in impact capital.

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Eric is attuned to the needs of the C suite with a background as senior financial and governance professional at Royal Dutch Shell, KPMG, PwC and GRI, where he was founding partner of Shell’s Global Sustainability Verification, and led KPMG Global Sustainability Services, PwC Conflict Minerals Services and GRI North America.